Live Ben has built a reputation as one of the best acts in Ireland. And in the USA, Benelux, UK and Germany Ben has played a lot of very successful shows!


Ben plays solo or as a duo with double-bass player Ronald de Jong (nominated for best Blues bassist

of Holland 2010!, Shane Mac Gowan, Big Jay Mc Neely, The Busquitos, Arthur Ebeling, Boyd Small,), or

with an amazing 4 piece band.

So Ben Reel can play beautiful quiet concerts as well as rock the house!!


2013 saw the release of Ben’s 6th Album “Darkness And The Light” brought to you by Proper Distribution

in the UK and Rough Trade in Europe!


2015 will briought yet another new album with the simple title '7th' with on it a song co-written with

David Olney in Nashville (USA).

Already 7 4-5 star reviews in magasines in Holland, The UK and Ireland!


Line-Up "The Harlem Buoys":

Glenn Schwarzer (here with Tom Brown in Paradiso)- Gitaar

Paul van Schaik (here withmet Steve Gadd at 1 stage) - Drums

Ronald de Jong - Double Bass/ Vocals


Convince yourself!!



November 2014 met "The Harlem Buoys"bij de CD- launch van Darkness And The Light:

What Is Done - Ben Reel & The Harlem Buoys, Studio, Haarlem (NL) November 2013

Darkness And The Light - Ben Reel & The Harlem Buoys, Studio, Haarlem (NL) November 2013

Before Your Time - Ben Reel & The Harlem Buoys, Studio, Haarlem (NL) November 2013

Who You Are - Ben Reel & The Harlem Buoys, Studio, Haarlem (NL) November 2013

More recent:

A Man's World - First time jam soundcheck with the Dutch Band "The Harlem Buoys"in Stiels Haarlem Maart 2014

TheDuo acoustic:

Our Fathers Sins - recording Ben & Ronald for Serious Request 2013

Compilation clip - April 2012 Ben en Ronald April 2012

Old and Wise - Ben Reel en Ronald de Jong April 2012

Strawberry Fields- Ben en Ronald kapel Harderwijk 2011

The Band acoustic:

Strawberry Fields - Ben Reel and the Harlem Buoys April 2012

Who Are You - Ben Reel and the Harlem Buoys  April 2012

Officiele Clips with The Irish Band:

Devil's Town

U People

Propaganda Machine

Live clips with The Irish Band:

All Souls Alive

Come Out From Within

Time just slips away

Lonely ship

Devil's Town

Queen of all roses

More Ben Reel with his Dutch Band:

Keep On Drivin'

Feel Alive






Biography Ben Reel

Auf Deutsch

In het Nederlands





First of all! Ben Reel is a phenomenal Singer! Impressive! Intense!

His voice sounds like a mixture of Marvin Gaye and Bruce Springsteen.

Ben has sprung from an endless tradition of great Irish songwriters, champions of combining words and music, yet Ben’s wonderful songwriting is far from traditional Irish. In his lyrics Ben is the modern version of the 60’s protest singers. Politically aware “Make love not war!”.

A modern singer-songwriter with catchy pop songs in the direction of Folk, Americana and Rock.

Gery Anderson, BBC radio called Ben Reel’s album “Sweet Victory” the best he had heard in years!